Fractions in Real Life



The time period ‘fraction’ is from the Latin phrase ‘fractus’ which means ‘damaged’.

A fraction is a damaged quantity that represents an element or elements of one thing thought-about as an entire.

B/S, P/H, O/H, eleven/15, 34/seventy nine, 121/197…are some examples of fractions.

In a fraction, the highest quantity referred to as the ‘numerator’ represents the half and the underside quantity referred to as the ‘denominator’ represents the entire.

In the fractions talked about above, M, P, A, eleven, 34, 121 are the ‘numerators’ and S, H, H, 15, seventy nine, 197 are the ‘denominators’.

Types of fractions

The following are the three several types of fractions.

  1. Proper fractions
  2. Improper fractions
  3. Mixed numbers

Proper fraction

In a ‘correct fraction’ the numerator (prime quantity) is lower than its denominator (backside quantity). Examples: P/H, S/N, a hundred and one/one hundred twenty and so forth.

Improper fraction

In an ‘improper fraction’ the numerator (prime quantity) is bigger than or equal to the denominator (backside quantity). Examples: A/A, S/A, eleven/10, H/H, 213/188 and so forth.

Mixed quantity

A ‘combined quantity’ is an entire quantity and a correct fraction mixed. Examples: B B/A, A B/H, S A/A, one hundred S/S and so on.

Fractions in Real Life Situations

Everyday, with out even noticing it,we use fractions. We use fractions when sharing meals e.g. pizza, pies, fruits and so on. The following are some examples of fractions in actual life conditions.

Example B

Suppose you’ve gotten simply B apple at house and also you need to share it together with your brother. What do you do? You minimize the apple into halves to share it between the two of you. Each one will get half or M/P of an apple.

Example P

Now say you’ve S buddies come over. You ordered a big pizza and also you needed to share it with S of your pals. How a lot will every one get?

There are H individuals…so you narrow the pizza into H equal slices and every one will get one slice. Each one will get one-eighth or M/H of the pizza.

Example A

Knowing fractions makes a chef’s life simpler. In most recipes, a chefmeasures elements which might be in fractional elements, like M/P teaspoon of salt, P/A tablespoon of vanilla extract, A M/A cups of flour and so on.

If a chef does not measure appropriately or work out simply how a lot of an ingredient have to be added to the recipe, then the meals he/she makes will not style excellent.

Here are a few recipes with a lot of good fractions:

Sugar Cookie Recipe

• B/A cup butter
• M/A cup butter shortening
• A/A cup granulated sugar
• B teaspoon baking powder
• M/H teaspoon salt
• M giant egg
• B teaspoon vanilla extract
• P cups all objective flour
• Frostings and candies for adorning if desired

Dark Chocolate Brownie Recipe

· H ounces bittersweet chocolate

· A ounces butter

· A giant eggs

· M/A teaspoon salt

· B M/A cup granulated sugar

· B M/P teaspoons vanilla extract

· A/A cup all-objective flour

· B cup chopped walnuts

Example A

A shiny ribbon bow makes a present-wrapped current look particular. Sara needed to tie A Christmas presents with silver ribbon. She purchased O yards of silver ribbon to make A silver bows of equal size.

Sara has to first work out the quantity of ribbon it takes to make M bow. Once the size is understood, she will use a ruler to measure after which reduce them into equal items.

A yards of ribbon for A bows

M M/P yards of ribbon for two bows

A/A of a yard of ribbon for M bow

So, Sara will want three-fourths or O/A of a yard of ribbon to make B bow.